The third day (September, 16th, 2015) of our Project Meeting in Lithuania was a very special one, because it gave us the opportunity to meet the administrative officials of the host city.

We visited certain parts of the city hall and the administrative staff explained us the development of Siauliai, after the fall of The Soviet Union. We found out that Siauliai is a modern city which has much to offer to its inhabitants.


The second half of the working day was dedicated to the intellectual output. Each team presented the work done on the following chapters: introduction, review of national and international literature on stereotypes and analysis of the stereotypes questionnaire. The project partners analysed each other’s work and traced the steps to be followed next.


Click on IntroductiontoStereotypes to download the introductory part proposed by the Romanian Team.

Click on CAPITOLUL 2 ROMANIA in order to download a part of the intellectual output done by the Romanian team (the analysis of the Stereotypes questionnaire).

Click on Analysis-Cultural-Questionnaire-PORTUGAL  to download the analysis of the Cultural Questionnaire, designed and presented by the Portuguese team.


Time was also spent on planning the next project meetings and the sub-topics for each of the following meetings; an utmost attention was given to the students’ mobilities and to the activities to be done during the October meeting in Carsamba.

The day ended with a long tour around Siauliai, during which the hosts explained the myths and the legends associated with “The Sun City”. 

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