Third Day of Work- Traditional National Costumes during English Classes

The third working day (Wednesday, October 14th, 2015) of the Transnational Meeting was dedicated to presenting the traditional national costumes of the project countries (Romania, Turkey, Lithuania and Portugal) during the English classes held by the teachers of English, working at the Yil Anadolu Saglik Meslek Lisesi.

Click on the Romanian Traditional Costume to see the presentation done by the Romanian team.

Click on LithuanianTraditionalCostume to see the presentaion done by the Lithuanian Team.

Click on PortugueseTraditionalCostume1 to see the presentation done by the Portuguese Team.

Click on TurkishTraditionalCostume to see the presentation done by the Turkish Team.

 The Lithuanian Team presented us live some of their traditions.

Click here to see the Lithuanian Team at work.



In the afternoon the students had the possibility to see normal Turkish people at work. The hosts took us to hazlenut processing factory, that showed the visitors that both Turkish men and women work side by side for the well-being of their families.

The questionnaires applied during the spring months of 2015, pointed out that most students and teachers from the other project countries, pictured the Turkish society as a male dominant, patriarchal one. Seeing women at work in schools, hospitals, universities,  factories, museums, shops, restaurants and many other places, helped students understand that Turkey is a modern society, which offers education and employment possibilities for everyone.





The late hours of the afternoon were spent strolling and then having dinner in the city of Samsun.

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