Third Day- Planning the Book on Stereotypes

The third day of our project meeting was dedicated to planning the book on stereotypes which would be the work of the teachers involved in the present project. 

We all agreed on the following book structure:


-definitions given to the concepts of stereotypes and prejudgements by renowed researchers in the domain.

Chapter 1- Literature Review

-studies, articles and books written by Romanian, Portuguese, Turkish and Lithuanian researches on the topic of stereotypes, prejudgements, discrimination and fight against them at school and society level

Chapter 2Presentation and Analysis of the Stereotypes Questionnaire

Chapter 3Presentation and Analysis of the Cultural Questionnaire

Chapter 4Lesson Plans

-lesson plans on stereotypes created by each partner

-the lesson plans will be sent to the partner school where a certain stereotype is widespread among school members (for example a lesson plan on “Romania is a Democratic Country” will be sent to the other schools, to be applied during History or Social Science classes)

-photos taken during the classes on stereotypes

-students’ and teachers’ opinions


-further actions and development

The day ended with an evening visit to the nearby city of Samsun, located on the Black Sea shore.





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