First Day – Meeting the Partners

The first day of the meeting project was focused on breaking the ice and getting to know each other better. Thus, there were made presentations of the countries, towns and schools involved in the project. The presentations are available in the About Us, section of the site.

In order to understand each other better, we also made presentations of our educational systems and we tried to identify their similiraties and differences.  It came out that in spite of the distances between them, the four countries involved in the project do not have huge discrepances in the structure of their schooling systems.

Here are our presentations and our comparative analysis. 

PowerPoint presentation of the Romanian Education System.

Presentation of the Portuguese Education System, click here.

PowerPoint presentation of The Turkish Education System. 

PowerPoint presentation of The Lithuanian Education System.

The visiting partners ended their work day with a tour of the Economic High School of Arad, followed by a guided town tour.

Click on Programme-of-the-meeting-Arad to download the programme of the meeting.

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