Selection of the Project Students

February and March 2015:

The month of February was dedicated to the process of selecting the students to be actively involved in the project.

The criteria for selecting the students, were established during the first Transnational Project Meeting, which took place in Arad (Romania) between the 10th and the 17th of January 2015. Thus, the partners agreed to select the students on the basis of their English language skills, computer knowledge and desire to get involved within the project activities.

The following eligibility conditions were established:

1.the applicants had to be 9th or 10th grade students (since the project is due to last two years, the students belonging to the 11th and 12th grade will have graduated high school by the time the project comes to its end)

2.the applicants could not be the beneficiaries of other projects financed by the EU

3.the applicants had to present the required documents to the selection commission in due time

The following selection criteria  were established:

1.applying in due time, according to the schedule provided by the selection commission

2.desire to get involved in the project activities, to overcome stereotypes and to learn more about the countries and nationalities involved in the project

3.good academic results and irreproachable behavior

4.English language skills equal to the A2 level, as it is described by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

The students had to hand in a file, containing the following documents:

1.Application Form (standard form)

2.A photocopy of their Identity Card

3.A Europass Curriculum Vitae

4.An intention letter, in which the applicant had to explain the real reasons which determined him/her to apply for the project and the skills which made him/her suitable for being part of the target group

5.An official document to prove the level of his/her studies

6.The parents’ agreement for taking part into the selection process

7.Letter of Recommendation written by the applicant’s teacher of English

8.Letter of Recommendation written by the applicant’s class tutor

9.Medical letter from the applicant’s general practitioner to prove that the applicant did not suffer from any serious illness and was able to take part in all project activities

The selection was done according to the following schedule:

1.Submission of Applicants’ Files – 16.02.2015-27.02-2015

2.Analysis of the Submitted Files- 02.03.2015-05.03.2015

3.Interview in English – 06.03.2015

4.Display of Results (16 selected students plus 4 standby students)

5.Filling and handing in a complaint form; provide a solution or an answer to any possible complaint; display the final results- 10.03.2015-12.03.2015

The applicants received points for their application file and for their interview. The maximum points an applicant could receive was equal to 100 (50 points for the application file and 50 points for the interview).

The results of the selection were publicaly displayed on the Erasmus+ Corner.

Rezultate1    Rezultate2

Rezultate3   Rezultate4

Names of the selected students:

1. Fodor Renata X C
2. Ștef Daniel X A
3. Foghiș Mădălin X C
4. Bobric Denisa X E
5. Marian Marius X A
6. Morar Ionuț IX E
7. Stupariu Gohan Alexandra X F
8. Vintilă Andreea Diana IX D
9. Negru Adelina X C
10. Păcurar Mădălin Șerban IX D
11. Tușa Roxana IX A
12. Pecican Bogdan Raul IX B
13. Parai Robert X C
14. Hordouan Luiza X B
15. Anțilă Loredana IX F
16. Stoica Amalia IX E
Names of the standby students:
1. Morcan Romina X C
2. Petraș Sergiu IX B
3. Hodișan Andreea IX D
4. Trip Laura X B
5. Șimon Andreea IX E

A Facebook group was created for the students and the teachers involved in the project, in order to facilitate communication and allow rapid spread of information. 

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