Second Day of Work – Attending Classes and Visiting Amasya

The second day (October, 13th 2015) of our Transnational Meeting was a very busy one. The first part of the day was spent at school, while the afternoon was dedicated to a cultural trip to the historical city of Amasya.

After having breakfast, the visiting teams headed for the Carsamba high school hosting the meeting. Here they attended history classes for high-school students. The visiting teams brought along power point presentations about the way of living in their countries. They were presented during the history classes because it had been thought that history teachers could better explain the roots of the common cultural elements that had been discovered during the previous meetings.

Click on HOW TURKISH PEOPLE WORK, ENTERTAIN ,PRAY. to download the presentation made by the Turkish Team.

Click on LithuanianSociety to download the presentation brought by the Lithuanian Team.

Click on WorkinPortugalFreeTimePortugal and FoodPortugal to download the presentations made by the Portuguese Team.

Click on Romanian Society to download the presentation made by the Romanian Team.




After having lunch, the students travelled by bus until the beautiful city of Amasya. Thus, they had the chance to admire the Turkish viallages and towns located on the road that connects Carsamba to Amasya.


The visiting teams climbed up the mountain in order to reach the ruins of the Amasya fortress. Once on top, they were offered  a short history lesson with the teaching material right in front of their eyes.

The day continued with a visit to a traditional Turkish house, now turned into a museum. The visiting teams learned about how people used to live, eat and spend their free time in the region of Amasya.


After a short break on the banks of the river Yesilirmak, the host took us to one of the local mosques. The visitors saw how Turkish people prayed and they were given explanations about the Muslim religion and of its influences on people’s lives.


At dinner time, the visiting teams tasted some traditional Turkish dishes.


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