Fourth Day-Discussing Project Activities

The fourth day was dedicated to discussions on the activities to be unfold, from January 2015 to June 2016.

The Portuguese team coordinator introduced us to an online tool called digital mural and explained its advantages as a display tool. She also showed the other teams how to make best use of this digital application.


We decided that the students from each school should make PowerPoint presentations about the life in their countries. Thus, each team of students would have to create presentations entitled as follows: How people live, How people believe and pray, How   people entertain , How people work and How people educate. The students would work on these presentations until the students’ meeting in October 2015.  We all agreed to use these presentations in order to design  representative posters for each project country. The poster would be the creation of students working in teams during the first students’ meeting in Turkey. 

It was commonly agreed to show all posters and PowerPoint presentation to students, teachers and other staff belonging to the partner schools. 

For the second students’ meeting, we decided to bring forward themes related to the national culture of each partner country. Thus, students would learn more on the traditional music, dances, clothes, beliefs, customs and arts belonging to the Romanian, Turkish, Lithuanian and Portuguese people. Each team would have to cook a traditional dish and present a specific custom for its country. It was suggested to make an album with photos taken during the activities dedicated to the cultural life of each partner country.

We reached a conclusion on the tasks to be solved by each team:

Romania: create and administer the project site in English; coordinate and print the book on stereotypes written by the teachers who are part of the project.

Turkey: make a Romanian-Turkish-Lithuanian-Portuguese-English mini-dictionary and a booklet on traditional attire specific for the project countries

Lithuania: put up an experimental music concert and film it on a DVD; make a book focused on the students’ work and products.

Portugal: make a calendar with the project activities and a booklet on stereotypes. 

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