Fourth Day of Work- Geography Classes and Visiting Sinop

The fourth working day (Thursday- October, 15th, 2015) of our Transnational Meeting was dedicated to geography classes and to visiting the seaside city of Sinop. It was a great opportunity to find out more about the geography and history of the host country.

In the morning, the country and the town presentations brought by the visiting teams, were used as basis for geography lesson attended by Turkish, Romanian, Lithuanian and Portuguese students. The presentations were accompanied by more detailed information and the students had the possibility to ask questions and discuss answers.




The afternoon was spent visiting the city of Sinop. The hosts told us the legend of Diogene (the great philosopher who spent his life in a barrel) and took us to the old Sinop Prison (a museum now) to find out more about the history of modern Turkey.


It was a long and tiresome day, which gave the project partners the opportunity to study together and know each other better.

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