Follow-Up of the January Project Meeting

January 2015:

The first project meeting took place in Arad (Romania) between the 11th and 17the of January 2015.

The meeting was an extremly fruitful and rewarding one. The project partners got to know each other better and they established the steps needed to be followed in order to break national stereotypes related to the project countries. 

The local authorities showed their interest in the project by sending a representative to greet and welcome the visiting partners. The local press was also aware of our activities and an article on the project was publsihed on the site belonging to one of the most important newspaper in Arad area. The article, published in Romanian language can be read here.

An Erasmus+ Corner was arranged in order to inform students, teachers and visitors to our school about the activities unfolded by the project team. The Erasmus+ Corner is located near the school main entrance, thus benefiting from maximum exposure and visibility. 

Pictures taken during the setting up of the Erasmus+ Corner.  Panou3  Panou2

Panou5          Panou6

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