First Day- Welcome to Yil Anadolu Saglik Meslek Lisesi, Çarşamba, Turkey

The second meeting of our project took place in the beautiful town of Çarşamba, Turkey. 

April 20th was our first day of work. The project teams met at the Yil Anadolu Saglik Meslek Lisesi, the hosting institution. The guests were welcomed by a group of students who performed a beautiful, tradional, Turkish dance.

After having a taste of the spicy Turkish cuisine, the visting teams had the opportunity to visit Yil Anadolu Saglik Meslek Lesesi and its surroundings. We saw modernly equipped classrooms, we met friendly students and fellow teachers and we received more information on the organization of Turkish schools. 

Inside the School

Inside the School 2

Students' Work

The coordinators of each team met the local authorities and discussed about various aspects related to the educational system of each country. 

Click on Programme-of-the-meeting-teachers to download the programme of the week.

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