The First Day of Work – Students meet Face-to-Face

The visiting teams from Romania, Lithuania and Portugal arrived on the Carsamba airport on October 11th, 2015. They were greeted by teachers and students from the hosting high school and were taken to their place of accommodation.

The first working day of the Carsamba Transnational Meeting was a real success, being  extremely enjoyable for both teachers and students.

On the morning of October 12th, the project teams were welcomed by the hosts at entrance of the Yil Anadolu Saglik Meslek Lisesi. Following an ancient tradition, the visitors hands were washed with warm water and soap, before entering the school building. The Romanian, Lithuanian and Portuguese teams visited the host school and the headmaster invited the visitors (both students and teachers) into his office.

The students and the teachers were invited in a modern and comfortable classroom, which for the following days became the focal point of the project; a place where to share the daily activities and experience. 


There were some interesting presentations about the project countries, cities and the partner schools. Each team delivered information on various aspects concerning the lifestyle lead by its co-nationals. Thus, the students found out information on Turkey, Romania, Lithuania and Portugal from the perspective of young people living in the respective countries. Short videos on the project countries and cities were presented as well. 



There were two on-the-spot activities that proved the students’ openness towards the project: the basketball match between the Romanian and the Turkish students and the dance session that ended up the presentations. The students listened and danced on famous Romanian, Portuguese, Lithuanian and Turkish songs.


After breaking the ice, both hosts and visitors enjoyed a late lunch in forest set restaurant, serving traditional Turkish food. The owners of “SehirLokantasi” did their best to prepare delicious local dishes.


After lunch the students were allowed to visit the picturesque town of Carsamba and admire its narrow,  but charming streets.


The Programme of the meeting can be downloaded if you  click on Programme-of-the-Meeting-Students-Carsamba

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