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Planning the First Project Meeting

December 2014:

The month of December was dedicated to planning and preparing the First Project Meeting. The Project Team spent time reading and analysing the application form and the activities to be done during the two year period.

The Facebook group of the project was set up, in order to offer the teachers involved in the project the possibility to communicate and know each other better.

The Romanian Team established the programme of the meeting by collaborating via social media channels with the other project partners.

To see the programme of the Romanian Project Meeting, click on Arad-Programme

Romanian Team at Work

November 2014:

Selection of the Project Team Members. The team members were chosen in accordance with the requirements and the regulations of the National Agency. 

The following teachers were selected to form the Romanian Project Team: Vădăsan Adriana (project coordiantor), Dorina Dănilă (member), Stoiadin Gabriela (member), Mira Odagiu (member) and Balaș Raluca (member).

The Project Team met for the first time to discuss the project, its activities and the required outcomes. The attributions and responsibilities of each team member were established during the first November meeting.


Project Dissemination-Parents’ Meeting

The dissemination process plays a very important role in the success of any type of project, because it informs the local community and not only, about the progress of the project and about the degree to which its objectives and aims are met.

The project team considered that the students’ parents need to find out more about the activity of our institution and for these reason they were invited to take part into meetings having as main theme the projetc: “Building a New Europe against Stereotypes.

Click on Dissemination-Parents-Meeting to download the PowerPoint presentation shown to the students’ parents during one of the dissemination meetings.