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Fifth Day- Planning Future Activities

The fifth day of our encounter (24th of April 2015) was spent planning the activities to be done by both teachers and students. We gave a final touch to the requirements for the PowerPoint presentations to be done by students until the students’ meeting in October 2015.

We decided that each team should work on the book on stereotypes and on the lesson plans until the third teachers’ meeting in Lithuania, in September 2015.

Once again we filled-in an assessment questionnaire on the project meeting. The results were analysed and discussed at a group level. They were made available online by the Portuguese team coordinator.

At the end of the day, the hosts gave certificates of attendance to all teachers present at the second meeting of the project Building a New Europe against Stereotypes. 


Fourth Day- Presenting Our Work

The fourth day of our encounter (23rd of April, 2015) was dedicated to presenting and analysing the  work done since our encounter in January..

To see the Romanian Team mini-dictionary click on English-Romanian Mini-Dictionary

To see the Portuguese  Team mini-dictionary,  click here.

To see the Turkish Team mini-dictionary click on

To see the Lithuanian Team mini-dictionary click on

To see the online magazine made by the Romanian Team, please click here.

To see the PowerPoint presentation made by the Romanian team click on

To see the calendar made by the Portuguese Team, please click here.


Late in the afternoon, the hosts had a nice surprise for us: a short cultural visit to Amasya, a place where history was written.

Third Day- Planning the Book on Stereotypes

The third day of our project meeting was dedicated to planning the book on stereotypes which would be the work of the teachers involved in the present project. 

We all agreed on the following book structure:


-definitions given to the concepts of stereotypes and prejudgements by renowed researchers in the domain.

Chapter 1- Literature Review

-studies, articles and books written by Romanian, Portuguese, Turkish and Lithuanian researches on the topic of stereotypes, prejudgements, discrimination and fight against them at school and society level

Chapter 2Presentation and Analysis of the Stereotypes Questionnaire

Chapter 3Presentation and Analysis of the Cultural Questionnaire

Chapter 4Lesson Plans

-lesson plans on stereotypes created by each partner

-the lesson plans will be sent to the partner school where a certain stereotype is widespread among school members (for example a lesson plan on “Romania is a Democratic Country” will be sent to the other schools, to be applied during History or Social Science classes)

-photos taken during the classes on stereotypes

-students’ and teachers’ opinions


-further actions and development

The day ended with an evening visit to the nearby city of Samsun, located on the Black Sea shore.





Second Day- Analysing and Working

The second of our project meeting (April 22nd, 2015) was dedicated to presenting and analysing the results of the questionnaires which had been distributed to students, teachers and non-teaching staff belonging to the partener schools. 

We observed that adults had more prejudgements than teenagers, but knew more about the culture, history and geography of the project countries. 

Coordinators Presenting their Team’s Work


Romanian Coordinator


Portuguese Coordinator


Turkish Coordinator


Lithuanian Coordinator

To see the stereotypes questionnaire click on

To see the cultural-history-geography questionnaire click on

To see the results and the analysis of the stereotypes questionnaire (Romania) click on

To see the results and the analysis of the stereotypes questionnaire (Portugal) click on

To see the results and the analysis of the stereotypes questionnaire (Lithuania) click on

To see the results and the analysis of the stereotypes questionnaire (Turkey) click on

The Turkish team also presented a very nice and original PowerPoint presentation on stereotypes and moral values of the Turkish people. To see this project product, please click on MORAL VALUES PRESENTATION

First Day- Welcome to Yil Anadolu Saglik Meslek Lisesi, Çarşamba, Turkey

The second meeting of our project took place in the beautiful town of Çarşamba, Turkey. 

April 20th was our first day of work. The project teams met at the Yil Anadolu Saglik Meslek Lisesi, the hosting institution. The guests were welcomed by a group of students who performed a beautiful, tradional, Turkish dance.

After having a taste of the spicy Turkish cuisine, the visting teams had the opportunity to visit Yil Anadolu Saglik Meslek Lesesi and its surroundings. We saw modernly equipped classrooms, we met friendly students and fellow teachers and we received more information on the organization of Turkish schools. 

Inside the School

Inside the School 2

Students' Work

The coordinators of each team met the local authorities and discussed about various aspects related to the educational system of each country. 

Click on Programme-of-the-meeting-teachers to download the programme of the week.