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The Turkish Experience- Part 2

The first Transnational Meeting to Carsamba, Turkey was a real success. The students enjoyed their time there and were given unique opportunities to learn and understand the Turkish society. They also managed to overcome the language barrier and become friends in spite of the different cultural backgrounds.

The students’ opinions on the Carsamba meeting can be found in the following lines. They can also be read on the site belonging to the Portuguese Team; to see the Portuguese site, click here.


Here’s the opinion of a Portuguese about this meeting. This was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Why? First: I have improved my cultural self, I know so many new things that I will never forget. A mosque? One of the most beautiful things I laid my eyes on- it is magical to see it, to see how people pray. I changed my way of having breakfast for a week and it was hard in the beginning but now, all I wish in the morning is a boiled egg, tomatoes, bread and tea. I know Turkish now! I know how to say “Good Morning” (Gunaiden), “Hello” (Merhava) and that’s “taman” (Ok) for me. One thing I really loved was to visit Sinop- it’s one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

Second: I have made amazing new friends that I will not forget, not even in a billion years. Lithuanians? They are a people full of life, always happy, making jokes and weird faces and they know how to pronounce Portuguese! Turkish? Really fun people and really, really nice! Romanian? Oh, the Romanian? The Romanian are the ones we talked the most to, they always hung out with us being just the nice people they are; we might start a really nice conversation with them, but then we ended up throwing peanuts at each other, just because. They were not easy to leave behind, we were all really depressed, there’s a reason why: Romanian are one of a kind. “Imi e dor de tine” (I miss you) Romanians!


To end this, we had amazing teachers by our side to make this trip even better and an amazing Vanessa!


The Portuguese have good food, they make very  good “natas” (very good cookies). They like to share their food with other people, even if this is not something usual for me (to share food with other people); and they are very, very, very friendly people.


The Turkish people are very nice and welcoming. They have good food (too much meat for me, but still good), they have good music and strong coffee! All Turkish students even the ones that were not part of the project wanted to talk to us. I felt great!



The Lithuanian people really like to have fun and they like music a lot. When they don’t listen to music, they sing, which in the beginning was strange for us, because we don’t sing so much in Romania (or at least not when others are around), but we ended up singing too. 

The Turkish Experience-Part 1

The eight Romanian students that attented the Carsamba Transnational meeting were highly impressed by the hosting country and by its culture. The numerous and challenging activities designed by the Turkish project team, allowed the students to discover the realities of a complex society, whose facets cannont be clearly distinguished through the flashy covers of travel guides.

The students’ testimonials reveal the best the impact of the Carsamba meeting.

RENATA FODOR (Grade: 11th B, Colegiul Economic Arad)


Trip to Amasya.

On Tuesday,October 13th , 2015 we had the pleasure to visit the Turkish town of Amasya with our new friends from Trukey, Lithuania and Portugal.

In the morning, we got up early, had breakfast at the hotel and went to school. After lunch, we departed for our destination. I was pleasantly surprised by the sights awaiting us there: a georgeus town, a impressive river, traditional houses and the huge rocks which had created an unforgettable landscape.

We climbed the mountain and the castle and the town view caught our breath. Later, we visited a traditional Turkish house, turned into a museum and then a mosque where we learned more about the country’s culture. Towards the end of the tour, we all sat down on a great terrace overlooking the Yeşilırmak river enjoying a cup of Turkish coffee.


My opinion: I was pleasantly surprised by the hospitality of the headmaster, teachers, Turkish students and the respect of the project partners. The joy surrounded us all week long. I learned not to categorize people only on the basis of thier appearances, and without knowing their true story. Moreove, I understood how to  accept the culture and religion of each nation. I liked all activities organized by our collaborators and I am greateful for the wonderful week spent in Turkey. I would also like to say thank you to coordinating teachers and all those involved in this project. I have only pleasant memories.

PETRAS SERGIU ANDREI (Grade: 10th B, Colegiul Economic Arad)


Trip to Sinop

The activity that impressed me the most was the visit to the northest point of Turkey, Sinop, where I visited the Sinop Castle, the Sinop Prison and I had a boat ride along the Black Sea coast of Turkey.

On our way to the turistic sites, we saw the statue of Diogenes , a great philosopher, who lived his life in a barrel, and who loved animals, especially dogs. For this reason, in Sinop you can see very friendly dogs, which do not have an aggressive attitude towards strangers .

At Sinop Prison we saw how a prisoner’s life was in that old times , and we also saw the cell of the most famous modern Turkish writer -Sabahattin Ali. At Sinop Prison we saw a cell especially designed for filming , where they produced some of the most popular Turkish series. 


From this transnational meeting I learned that there are people who do not judge a person at first sight , but people who treat you like a friend , even if you are a total stranger for them. I learned that you should not hurry when you have to take a decision and that life is worth living , no matter your nationality or religion.

The Turkish team was very hospitable and friendly from day one, when they said their motto “a stranger is welcomed in my house for at least 3 days”. After the meeting, we remained in close contact with the Portughese team, since we became friends with them first , but I am sure that the teams from Turkey and Lithuania are as friendly , funny and smart as the team from Portugal. I would like to finish with a quote that I consider suitable for any person : ” Live today as if tomorrow was your last day! “.

I would like to say thank you to the Erasmus+ team, the coordinators and to the teachers who accompanied us on this journey!

STEF DANIEL (Grade: 11th A, Colegiul Economic Arad)


This was an opportunity for me as an student to get involved into one of the most wierd and fun mash-up of cultural and etnhic diverse project I have ever seen.

It was certainly a memorable experience – one I would gladly reapeat it over and over and over again, at the expense of my teachers’ minds of course. It also was a chance to meet new and diverse people with whom I hope I will keep a long lasting connection to. The sights, the people, the cuisine of Turkey were certainly an explosion of information that one can’t easily take in. Overall, it was one of the best projects a student could get involved into nowadays.


NEGRU ADELINA (Grade: 11th C, Colegiul Economic Arad)


Visiting Yil Anadolu Saglik Meslek Lisesi

On Monday, Octobre 12th ,2015  we had the plasure to visit the host school in Çarşamba, Turkey. The first day was dedicated to meeting the participants from four project countries : Turkey, Romania, Lithuania and Portugal. It was a pleasant day full of entertainment. Each group presented its school, town and country of origin.


The evening ended with a dinner in the company of the project members. It was a very interesting project and full of challenging activities.

We  built friendship relations and learned from each other about the culture and traditions of the others. I was happy every day and I felt great.

The country where the project took place, is very beautiful and interesting. I feel lucky that I succeeded to be part of this project and I want to thank the  Erasmus+ team and coordinating teachers.

PECICAN BOGDAN RADU (Grade: 10th B, Colegiul Economic Arad)


Trip to Sinop

The Erasmus + project took place in Carsamba, Turkey where I had lots of unusual and interesting experiences.

The acitivity that suprised me the most was the trip to Sinop. For the first time I had the opportunity to visit a real prison. The Turkish students who came with us to visit the places, proved to have a very communicative spirit and an extremly friendly attitude. 


I was pleasantly impressed by this trip, for how communicative the other team mates were (the Portuguese, Lithuanian and Turkish students). They created a good atmosphere and brought a positive contribution to our relation. I want to thank the teachers and organizers of this project.

HORDOUA LUISA EMANUELA (Grade:11th C, Colegiul Economic Arad)


Visiting the Amasya Fortress

The Erasmus+ Project entitled “Building a New Europe against Stereotypes” allowed me to visit a beautiful country with lots of ancient sights, as well as customs and traditions which are completely different from our own. I found out interesting facts not only about Turkey, but also about the other two project countries (Lithuania and Portugal), I made new friends and I got into contact with different types of people. 

I really enjoyed the second day of our Turkey meeting (October 13th, 2015) when we visited one of the most famous Turkish towns: Amasya. We woke up early and after the school activities we hit the road. 


Once in Amasya, we started to climb up the mountains in order to arrive at the ruins of the famous fortress that once protected the town. The trek seemed endless and by the time we arrived at the top we were exhausted. However, this did not stop us from taking pictures of the amaizing views. The fortress was amazing and so was the city below us. 

After the descent we continued our Amasya tour, thus having the chance to know more about the culture of our hosts. We stopped to rest in a beautiful river cafe, where I had the opportunity to chat more with my colleagues from Turkey, Lithuania and Portugal. 

I am very happy that I was part of the team that went to Carsamba, Turkey. It was a pleasant experience, filled with happy memories and new friends. I would definitely like to repeat the experience and learn more about other countries, as well.

Romina Morcan (Grade:11th C, Colegiul Economic Arad)


Playing Basketball

The time spent in Turket was great and there were lots of activities so it is really difficult to choose one over the others. I enjoyed visting the cities of Sinop and Amasya and I liked the friendly atmosphere created by out Turkish hosts. The school was modern and the students were very eager to communicate with us. 


I really enjoyed the basketball match we played with the Turkish students. It was an on-the-spot activity which had not been prepared in advanced. I liked it a lot, because I realised that in spite of belonging to different cultures and countires we were all teenagers with similar interests (sports, music, films and going out with friends). We forgot to keep the score, but we had lots of fun and that was probably the best basketball game of my life.

I hope to have the chance to know other countries in this way, not only from a touristic bus or from an all-inclusive hotel.

MORAR IONUT (Grade: 11th E, Colegiul Economic Arad)


The time spent in Turkey gave me the possibility to know more about this place, which is visited by lots of Romanians every summer (we all have a friend or two who spent a summer in Antalya). I did not go to Turkey as a tourist, but as a person willing to know more about the lifestyle of these people who are said to be quite violent.

The reality is totally different. I did not meet oppressed women or ready to fight men, but friendly people who really know how to make their guests feel special.

There were lots of activities and trips and musesum, but I liked best the day spent at Misses Ozbulut Ayse Nur house (coordinator of the project and teacher of English). We were invited to see how Turkish people live and eat.


The apartment was very beautiful, modern and cosy. I ate the traditional Turkish “sarmale”, which are a bit different from ours (there is no meat inside them) and the famous “baclava”. Our host showed us how to prepare the “traditional Turkish coffee”.

I enjoyed the day because I ate traditional Turkish food, I drank real Turkish coffee and I had a nice chat with the students from Lithuania, who also visited the teacher’s house.