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Main Responsibilities of the Lithuanian Team

-organizes and hosts the third Teacher’s Mobility, to take place in September, 2015

-organizes the activity entitled “Music, dances, sports, arts, crafts, theatre, film, museums, houses, clothes and traditional dishes of the Romanians, Lithuanians, Turks and Portuguese”.

-makes a CD with the music played during the workshops and the final concert

-makes a photo album and a DVD with videos and photos taken during the project

Main Responsibilities of the Turkish Team

organizes and hosts the second Teacher’s Mobility, to take place in April, 2015

-organizes the activity entitled “How do people live/pray/work/learn/entertain?” in Romania, Turkey, Lithuania and Portugal

-designs an online booklet on the traditional clothes worn by people living in the four project countries

-creates the framework for a mini-multilingual-dictionary, containing simple, but useful words and expressions in Romanian, Turkish, Lithuanian and Portuguese; the dictionary will contain an English part as well, so as to be of use for people having a basic knowledge of English and who are interested in learning more about the project countries



The 2015 Photo Calendar

The Portuguese Team was responsible for the design of the Photo Calendar.

The end product must consist of 4 photos/month taken in the project countries: Romania, Turkey, Lithuania and Portugal.

The following photos are a proof of the collaborative work done by the project members co-ordinated for this activity by the Portuguese Team.

Click on Project Calendar to download the calendar done for two years during which the project was unfolded.

JanuaryRomania JanuaryLithuania



MarchPortugal AprilTurkey

MayRomania JunePortugal

SeptemberPortugal SeptemberTurkey

OctoberTurkey OctoberPortugal

Fifth Day of Work – How Turkish People Talk and Live

The fifth working day of our Transnational Meeting was a very unusual and pleasant one. The morning was spent learning basic words and expressions in Turkish. The host had previously prepared easy to understand videos and presentations for Turkish language learning.

Click on the links below to access the videos used for teaching and learning Turkish.

Click on Learn Turkish-Turkish in Three Minutes- Numbers 1-10.

Click on Learn Turkish-Turkish in Three Minutes- How Much?

Click on Learn Turkish-Turkish in Three Minutes-Greetings

Click on Learn Turkish-Turkish in Three Minutes-How to Introduce Yourself in Turkish

Click on Learn Turkish-Turkish in Three Minutes-Thank You and You are Welcom in Turkish

Click on Learn Turkish-Turkish in Three Minutes-Making Apologies

The lessons were held by the teachers of English who helped students improve their pronounciation and gain confidence in their communicative abilities. 


The hosts took us into the homes of some Turkish teachers to see how Turkish people live nowadays.

The visting teams had the possibility to see how tradition and modernity blend to form a unique mix in the life of contemporary Turkish people. 


The last part of the working day was spent evaluating and assessing the meeting. The students and the teachers had fill-in questionnaires for assessing the meeting.

The Transnational meeting ended with a pleasant farewell dinner which took place in a traditional Turkish restaurant.

All the visiting teams departed  the following day (Saturday-September 17th, 2015)

Fourth Day of Work- Geography Classes and Visiting Sinop

The fourth working day (Thursday- October, 15th, 2015) of our Transnational Meeting was dedicated to geography classes and to visiting the seaside city of Sinop. It was a great opportunity to find out more about the geography and history of the host country.

In the morning, the country and the town presentations brought by the visiting teams, were used as basis for geography lesson attended by Turkish, Romanian, Lithuanian and Portuguese students. The presentations were accompanied by more detailed information and the students had the possibility to ask questions and discuss answers.




The afternoon was spent visiting the city of Sinop. The hosts told us the legend of Diogene (the great philosopher who spent his life in a barrel) and took us to the old Sinop Prison (a museum now) to find out more about the history of modern Turkey.


It was a long and tiresome day, which gave the project partners the opportunity to study together and know each other better.

Third Day of Work- Traditional National Costumes during English Classes

The third working day (Wednesday, October 14th, 2015) of the Transnational Meeting was dedicated to presenting the traditional national costumes of the project countries (Romania, Turkey, Lithuania and Portugal) during the English classes held by the teachers of English, working at the Yil Anadolu Saglik Meslek Lisesi.

Click on the Romanian Traditional Costume to see the presentation done by the Romanian team.

Click on LithuanianTraditionalCostume to see the presentaion done by the Lithuanian Team.

Click on PortugueseTraditionalCostume1 to see the presentation done by the Portuguese Team.

Click on TurkishTraditionalCostume to see the presentation done by the Turkish Team.

 The Lithuanian Team presented us live some of their traditions.

Click here to see the Lithuanian Team at work.



In the afternoon the students had the possibility to see normal Turkish people at work. The hosts took us to hazlenut processing factory, that showed the visitors that both Turkish men and women work side by side for the well-being of their families.

The questionnaires applied during the spring months of 2015, pointed out that most students and teachers from the other project countries, pictured the Turkish society as a male dominant, patriarchal one. Seeing women at work in schools, hospitals, universities,  factories, museums, shops, restaurants and many other places, helped students understand that Turkey is a modern society, which offers education and employment possibilities for everyone.





The late hours of the afternoon were spent strolling and then having dinner in the city of Samsun.

Second Day of Work – Attending Classes and Visiting Amasya

The second day (October, 13th 2015) of our Transnational Meeting was a very busy one. The first part of the day was spent at school, while the afternoon was dedicated to a cultural trip to the historical city of Amasya.

After having breakfast, the visiting teams headed for the Carsamba high school hosting the meeting. Here they attended history classes for high-school students. The visiting teams brought along power point presentations about the way of living in their countries. They were presented during the history classes because it had been thought that history teachers could better explain the roots of the common cultural elements that had been discovered during the previous meetings.

Click on HOW TURKISH PEOPLE WORK, ENTERTAIN ,PRAY. to download the presentation made by the Turkish Team.

Click on LithuanianSociety to download the presentation brought by the Lithuanian Team.

Click on WorkinPortugalFreeTimePortugal and FoodPortugal to download the presentations made by the Portuguese Team.

Click on Romanian Society to download the presentation made by the Romanian Team.




After having lunch, the students travelled by bus until the beautiful city of Amasya. Thus, they had the chance to admire the Turkish viallages and towns located on the road that connects Carsamba to Amasya.


The visiting teams climbed up the mountain in order to reach the ruins of the Amasya fortress. Once on top, they were offered  a short history lesson with the teaching material right in front of their eyes.

The day continued with a visit to a traditional Turkish house, now turned into a museum. The visiting teams learned about how people used to live, eat and spend their free time in the region of Amasya.


After a short break on the banks of the river Yesilirmak, the host took us to one of the local mosques. The visitors saw how Turkish people prayed and they were given explanations about the Muslim religion and of its influences on people’s lives.


At dinner time, the visiting teams tasted some traditional Turkish dishes.


The First Day of Work – Students meet Face-to-Face

The visiting teams from Romania, Lithuania and Portugal arrived on the Carsamba airport on October 11th, 2015. They were greeted by teachers and students from the hosting high school and were taken to their place of accommodation.

The first working day of the Carsamba Transnational Meeting was a real success, being  extremely enjoyable for both teachers and students.

On the morning of October 12th, the project teams were welcomed by the hosts at entrance of the Yil Anadolu Saglik Meslek Lisesi. Following an ancient tradition, the visitors hands were washed with warm water and soap, before entering the school building. The Romanian, Lithuanian and Portuguese teams visited the host school and the headmaster invited the visitors (both students and teachers) into his office.

The students and the teachers were invited in a modern and comfortable classroom, which for the following days became the focal point of the project; a place where to share the daily activities and experience. 


There were some interesting presentations about the project countries, cities and the partner schools. Each team delivered information on various aspects concerning the lifestyle lead by its co-nationals. Thus, the students found out information on Turkey, Romania, Lithuania and Portugal from the perspective of young people living in the respective countries. Short videos on the project countries and cities were presented as well. 



There were two on-the-spot activities that proved the students’ openness towards the project: the basketball match between the Romanian and the Turkish students and the dance session that ended up the presentations. The students listened and danced on famous Romanian, Portuguese, Lithuanian and Turkish songs.


After breaking the ice, both hosts and visitors enjoyed a late lunch in forest set restaurant, serving traditional Turkish food. The owners of “SehirLokantasi” did their best to prepare delicious local dishes.


After lunch the students were allowed to visit the picturesque town of Carsamba and admire its narrow,  but charming streets.


The Programme of the meeting can be downloaded if you  click on Programme-of-the-Meeting-Students-Carsamba

The Turkish Experience- Part 2

The first Transnational Meeting to Carsamba, Turkey was a real success. The students enjoyed their time there and were given unique opportunities to learn and understand the Turkish society. They also managed to overcome the language barrier and become friends in spite of the different cultural backgrounds.

The students’ opinions on the Carsamba meeting can be found in the following lines. They can also be read on the site belonging to the Portuguese Team; to see the Portuguese site, click here.


Here’s the opinion of a Portuguese about this meeting. This was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Why? First: I have improved my cultural self, I know so many new things that I will never forget. A mosque? One of the most beautiful things I laid my eyes on- it is magical to see it, to see how people pray. I changed my way of having breakfast for a week and it was hard in the beginning but now, all I wish in the morning is a boiled egg, tomatoes, bread and tea. I know Turkish now! I know how to say “Good Morning” (Gunaiden), “Hello” (Merhava) and that’s “taman” (Ok) for me. One thing I really loved was to visit Sinop- it’s one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

Second: I have made amazing new friends that I will not forget, not even in a billion years. Lithuanians? They are a people full of life, always happy, making jokes and weird faces and they know how to pronounce Portuguese! Turkish? Really fun people and really, really nice! Romanian? Oh, the Romanian? The Romanian are the ones we talked the most to, they always hung out with us being just the nice people they are; we might start a really nice conversation with them, but then we ended up throwing peanuts at each other, just because. They were not easy to leave behind, we were all really depressed, there’s a reason why: Romanian are one of a kind. “Imi e dor de tine” (I miss you) Romanians!


To end this, we had amazing teachers by our side to make this trip even better and an amazing Vanessa!


The Portuguese have good food, they make very  good “natas” (very good cookies). They like to share their food with other people, even if this is not something usual for me (to share food with other people); and they are very, very, very friendly people.


The Turkish people are very nice and welcoming. They have good food (too much meat for me, but still good), they have good music and strong coffee! All Turkish students even the ones that were not part of the project wanted to talk to us. I felt great!



The Lithuanian people really like to have fun and they like music a lot. When they don’t listen to music, they sing, which in the beginning was strange for us, because we don’t sing so much in Romania (or at least not when others are around), but we ended up singing too.