About Siauliai

Siauliai is the fourth largest city in Lithuania. It has a population of 133.900 inhabitants and it is considered the unofficial capital of Northern Lithuania. The city has an area equal to 81.13 square kilometres. 

The city was founded on September 22nd, 1236. It was first built as a defense post against the Teutonic and the Livonian Orders, but later it became an important agricultural settlement. In the 16th century it became the administrative town of the area. The city was devasted by the plague in the Middle Ages and then in modern times by the two World Wars. Siauliai was largely rebuilt during the Soviet era.

Starting with the 19th century Siauliai became an important industrial center, having the largest leather factory in the whole Russian Empire. During the Soviet years, the city produced electronics, furniture and materials for the construction industry.

The city has 8 gymnasiums, 7 high schools, 16 secondary schools, 7 primary schools and 29 kindergartens. 

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