About Arad

Arad is the main town of Arad County, situated in the region of Crişana, and having recently extended on the left bank of the Mureș river, in Banat region of western Romania.


Arad is an important industrial and transportation centre on the Mureș River. It is also the seat of a Romanian Orthodox archbishop and features two universities, a Romanian Orthodox theological seminary and a training school for teachers.

The city has a population of 159,704 inhabitants, making it the third largest city in the western part of the country, behind Timișoara and Oradea.

Arad was first mentioned in documents in the 11th century. The Ottoman Empire conquered the region from Hungary in 1551 and kept it until the Peace of Karlowitz of 1699. Arad became an eyalet centre, which comprised the sanjaks of Arad, Lugoj, Kacaș, Beşlek and Yanova from 1660 until 1697, when it was captured by Austrians during Ottoman-Habsburg wars (1683–1699). After 1699, the city was ruled by the Habsburg Monarchy.

The new fortress was built between 1763 and 1783. Although it was small, it proved formidable having played a great role in the Hungarian struggle for independence in 1849. Arad enjoyed great economic development in the 19th century. In 1834 it was declared a “free royal town” by Emperor Francis I of Austria.

With a rich industrial and commercial tradition, Arad is one of the most prosperous towns in Romania. Thanks to numerous investments in industry and commerce, Arad has a booming economy. The main industries are: freight and passenger railway cars, clothing and textiles, food processing, furniture and household accessories, equipment for the car industry, electric components, instrumentation and shoes.

Neighborhoods: Aradul Nou, Centru, Aurel Vlaicu, Micalaca, Gradiste, Alfa, Bujac, Confectii, Functionarilor, Gai, Parneava, Colonia, Subcetate, Sannicolaul Mic.

Places to see:

1.The Fortress of Arad- built in a Vauban style

2.Cenad Palace

3.Neumann Palace

4.Administrative Palace

5.Cultural Palace

6.The House with Cannon Balls

7.The Old Customs House

8.The Water Tower

9.The “Birth of Saint John the Baptist” Cathedral(Romanian Orthodox)

10.”St. Anthony of Padua” Church(Roman Catholic)

11.The Red Church(Evangelical-Lutheran)

12.The Arad Museum Complex

Video presentation of Arad. Click here to find out more about our town.

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