About the Schools


Our school is situated in Arad, a western city at the Hungarian border. The Economic High school is an institution that continues an old tradition of the trade education in the western part of Romania.

Qualifications: Technician in Economic Activities, Administrative Technician,  Technician in Touristic Activities. 

One of the most important activity is the activity of The Training Firm, an innovating teaching method, oriented towards practice, the model of a company in which the students simulate the activities of a real company. Practice: in school workshops and canteen, in catering units, hotels.

TURKEY – Carsamba 75. Yil Anadolu Saglik Meslek Lisesi – SAMSUN

The school is a vocational medical school. It was establihsed in 1992, with the following branches: Vocational Health Education, Emergency Medical Technician and Laboratory Technician. The school has 33 teachers and 317 students.

PORTUGAL – Agrupamento de Escolas À Beira Douro – Medas

The school of Medas is located in Gondomar, 20 kilometers from Oporto in the north of Portugal. The students come from several villages Medas, Melres,  Foz do Sousa and Covelo.

LITHUANIA – Siauliu Vijoliu vidurine mokykla – Šiauliai

Vijoliai secondary school is situated in the Northern part of Lithuania in the city of Šiauliai. The school is secondary with about 400 students. There are some special sport classes for students, gifted in the field of sport, living in the boarding house. 

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