About the Project

Building a New Europe against Stereotypes

Programme: Erasmus+

Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

The project includes 4 schools (Colegiul Economic Arad, Carsamba 75. Yil Anadolu Saglik Meslek Lisesi, Agrupamento de Escolas À Beira Douro – Medas and Siauliu Vijoliu vidurine mokykla) and 4 countries (Romania, Turkey, Portugal and Lithuania) representing one third of the European Union member states. There will be about 76 mobilities of teachers and 64 exchanges of pupils in LEARNING/TEACHING/TRAINING ACTIVITIES in May 2015 and in May 2016 lasting 7 days.

“Building a New Europe against Stereotypes” is a project based on national/international activities, a regular exchange of information (texts, presentations, videos, pictures) and mobilities of representatives (students, teachers).


Its basic aim is to increase the awareness of the images/prejudices we have about the different cultures and countries involved, of the reasons these stereotypes appear and necessity of change in our attitudes.

The project is based on the exchange of experiences of students/teachers. We will learn about the different cultures and way of living from the countries participating in the project. We’ll start by stating our stereotypes about our partner countries, process, compare/contrast them in the course of the project and fix and document the changes at the end.

Consequently, by working on different aspects of stereotypes and using a variety of innovative pedagogical approaches by means of skill-based activities, students will learn about different ways of seeing their lives, will understand their own national identities, the diversity of European cultures and languages and, the most important, they will be able to get rid of their wrong concepts, prejudices and stereotypes enabling young people to build a more open-minded Europe.

Target Groups: students, teachers, families, administrative staff, other schools in the neighborhoods, NGOs, foundations related to the topic of the project.


The project will:

– help students, by meeting and working with each other, to assess their own identity and lifestyle

– develop the students’ creative abilities for team work and international collaboration while preparing articles, essays, comics, short video films, presentations, regular exchange of letters and e-mails

– improve the students’ as well as teachers’ competencies and knowledge in the field of foreign languages

– develop the students mathematical and literacy skills by creating questionnaires and rankings for their discussions

– broaden the students’ inter-cultural knowledge

-“soft skills” as humanity, tolerance and the ability to change perspectives will be exercised throughout the project and the pupils will get the positive influence of the project for their whole life.

– this cooperation will contribute to forming models of friendship and partnership among children from different countries

– the teachers will exchange information and ideas on different education related topics and systems as well as on the current developments in the education of each country

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