Main Responsibilities of the Lithuanian Team

-organizes and hosts the third Teacher’s Mobility, to take place in September, 2015

-organizes the activity entitled “Music, dances, sports, arts, crafts, theatre, film, museums, houses, clothes and traditional dishes of the Romanians, Lithuanians, Turks and Portuguese”.

-makes a CD with the music played during the workshops and the final concert

-makes a photo album and a DVD with videos and photos taken during the project

Main Responsibilities of the Turkish Team

organizes and hosts the second Teacher’s Mobility, to take place in April, 2015

-organizes the activity entitled “How do people live/pray/work/learn/entertain?” in Romania, Turkey, Lithuania and Portugal

-designs an online booklet on the traditional clothes worn by people living in the four project countries

-creates the framework for a mini-multilingual-dictionary, containing simple, but useful words and expressions in Romanian, Turkish, Lithuanian and Portuguese; the dictionary will contain an English part as well, so as to be of use for people having a basic knowledge of English and who are interested in learning more about the project countries